The Great Goblin Goiter

Just saw The Hobbit last night. Fun movie! There was one character design choice that I thought was really interesting.

Did you notice that thing dangling from the Goblin King’s neck? My friend called it a “neck scrotum”, but in medical terminology it’s a Goiter (also spelled Goitre).

goblin king goitre

Goiters are a swelling of the neck that result from a swollen thyroid gland. The most common cause of goitres is lack of iodine in your diet. Goiters are traditionally an affliction of mountain people (and goblins) world wide, as mountains tend to have very little iodine in the soil. Conversely the ocean is rich in iodine, so the further you get away from the coast, the more likely goiters are to occur in the population.

Have you ever noticed that most table salt is iodized? That means they’ve added iodine in order to prevent iodine deficiency (and goiters!) in the population of your nation. After you watch The Hobbit, make sure to eat some seafood so you don’t end up like The Great Goblin!

art eater toro sushi yum
Sushi is good for your thyroid glands
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