Kill la Kill: The Sin of Clothing


“What is clothing?”


“Indeed… clothing is sin. When man ate the forbidden fruit of the tree of knowledge he became ashamed of his nakedness and covered his nethers. From the time humanity first gained free will as human beings it has been his fate to cover his body in the clothing called sin. Because we alone know man’s sin and create clothing for clothing’s sake!”

As Kill la Kill advances the plot at break-neck speed, the lore of its world comes out at an equally break-neck pace! While the early episodes delve into historic imagery of clothes (such as fascism), later episodes delve into the religious side of things:


Orginal Sin


Kill la Kill gives us the world-shattering revelation that it was not humanity which created clothes, it was clothing that chose the ancestor of humanity and spurred their evolution into a being that relies on clothing! This point is driven home with well known biblical imagery (Trigger is ex-Gainax after all!) but is there more to it?


There’s a sect of Christianity called Christian naturalism that believes man’s natural state is to be naked and wearing clothes is the result of sin. To them, Adam & Eve were created pure in their nakedness until the serpent caused them to sin, so they covered themselves in leaves to hide their shame from God. God gave Adam & Eve animal skins, not for them to hide, but to show them that sin requires a blood sacrifice. Christian naturalists cite this event as the first time that bloodshed is known (an animal has to die for one to wear its skin) and all subsequent blood sacrifices, from common lambs to the Lamb of God (aka Jesus) is the price paid for this original sin.

While most Christian sects regarded the nudity the naturalists embraced as vulgar, the naturalists counter that nudity was an original state of human purity, it was when the body was covered by clothing that society began to regard nudity as lewd. Only by becoming comfortable with one’s own natural body could society’s shame be overcome.






Ryuko’s self consciousness holds her back






Only by embracing the kamui can its full power be unlocked

Nudist Beach’s naked struggle against the cosmic evil that is Life Fibers takes on biblical porportions, but can humanity really stand up to its own creator? What role will the blood fueled kamui play in the end? I can only find out by following Kill la Kill to its conclusion!













Nudists, Sin, Evolution, Sacrifice, Purity, Kill la Kill! 


Here’s a random historic event I found while researching this article that’s very loosely related to the themes of Christianity and nudity (I highly doubt it has anything to do with Kill la Kill but it’s too interesting not to share):

“THE NAKED WALKERS”- On 10-11 February 1535 a number of Anabaptists had a meeting in the Zoutsteeg at AmsterdamNetherlands. Suddenly their leader Henrick Henricxz Snyder threw his clothing into a fire and ordered his followers to also strip naked and do the same. They obeyed and together they walked out naked into the streets declaring their ‘naked truth’: “Woe, the wrath of God is coming over this city!” …they were later apprehended and executed for public indecency.

 naked walker Completely unrelated image of Nudist Beach in power-walkers


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Author: Andy Lee Chaisiri

I make videogames in Beijing

8 thoughts on “Kill la Kill: The Sin of Clothing”

  1. Wow, love your interpretations/analysis of Kill La Kill. I’ve watched the show a couple times and each time I get addicted and find myself reading other people’s interpretations of the show, I’m very glad I found your website. I’m especially fond of anyone who acknowledges that calling everything “fanservice” in KLK is extremely simplistic and I think makes people’s viewings of it that much narrower. Perhaps I just missed it but is there a finale to your articles on Kill La Kill?

  2. So there is a reason behind the raunchiness of the show, & the fact that the characters are either naked or half naked for a number of times? A deeper, biblical and possibly more philosophical reason about being comfortable in your own skin . . . WHAT?! ._.

    Anyway, nice job bringing this up. Until I now I was thinking that the show was just a porno or something

  3. You are a beautiful genius. May I use some of your research in a Kill la Kill panel? I would most certainly credit you.

  4. Nice finds :)
    after the school trip episodes I was actually starting to worry that the series might slow down, but things have really escalated in the last two episodes!

    Btw, I’ll be in Beijing for a week starting on Friday, is there any chance of meeting and having a chat with you? I’m a hobbyist and would like to learn a little more about game development.

        1. oh ,and I thought I would be around for another week, but I will actually be leaving in a couple of days :/, so it would be great if we could arrange something through WeChat before then :)

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