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Richmond Chaisiri | Founder, Editor, Contributor
Richmond Chaisiri is a lifelong lover of art in all forms. He spent his Childhood between the US, Thailand and Taiwan, voraciously devouring a steady diet of games comics and movies from all over the world. Richmond is pretty artsy fartsy to the point where he’s participated in live poetry readings and freaky performance art pieces, but really his favorite things in the world are comics, video games and animation (and old Buddhist art). Richmond has worked in various roles in the game industry since 2007. He was recently a lead animator and illustrator at Zynga where he designed the avatar system for Chefville and got to paint food all day. It was awesome. Richmond currently resides in Berkeley where he makes mobile games (and Art-Eater posts) with his brother Andy.

Andy Lee Chaisiri | Editor, Contributor
Andy is a student of history and real life Pokémon professor (no really!), having created various curriculums for the Anime Artists Workshop at the Smithsonian Institution which focused on teaching children Asian Art History through its relation to modern popular culture. Andy was previously a game designer for 6 Waves in Beijing. He is now developing mobile games with Richmond in Berkeley California. If you like history tinged with insightful humor you should also follow Andy on Quora.

R. Lateef | Contributor
Lateef is currently employed at Glu Mobile, and creates art for a multitude of titles. In the past he has dabbled in comics coloring and commercial storyboarding. Lateef was also was an art teacher for a few years. All great experiences, really.

In his personal time, he’s often drawing. Lateef is a huge fan of Street Fighter, classic SEGA games, and most arcade games-especially bullet hell shooters–he’s even got an arcade cabinet at home.

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  1. Hey Richmond I just read your posts on Asura’s Wrath, Darkstalkers and KOF, I was really impressed by the indepth coverage you had on these topics. I proceeded to share them with my staff (translating to Chinese was a lot easier with all your pictures). They agreed it was a fun and “educational” read as well. However I wanted to contact you for some advice on this new project I’m involved in. Facebook and Twitter are not an option to me since you may have guessed I’m in China at the moment. :( The firewall literally blocks all “freedom of speech” websites. Luckily not Art-Eater. In short I was looking for some opinions based on a game we’re working on right now (it’s based on a very old Hong Kong comic called Dragon Tiger Gate). If you are interested in exchanging a few ideas please contact me! If not than I guess this comment will only serve to tell you that you are doing awesome work, you have awesome and agreeable opinion on your site and I wish you all the best in the future. Thanks!~

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