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I am a professional game artist who wants everyone to love art as much as I do!

The Real Life Inspirations behind Indivisible

Welcome to Art-Eater! I’m Richmond Chaisiri. You may remember me from such articles as “Darkstalkers and the 12 Principles of Animation” or “A Buddhist’s Guide to Asura’s Wrath.” Today I’m here to tell you about the real world influences behind … Read the rest

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Words That Kill: Metal Gear and the Genocide of Native Americans

The following is an analysis of the latest and final Metal Gear Solid V trailer, cut by Hideo Kojima himself. As with the previous E3 trailers, this one beautifully sets up the themes of the game set to awesome music. … Read the rest

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[spoilers] We Are Not Things: The Themes and Imagery of Mad Max: Fury Road [spoilers]

Warning: This post contains many plot spoilers for the film Mad Max: Fury Road. Please don’t read any further if you don’t wish to learn of major plot points and themes in this wonderful film.

We (Richmond & Andy) were … Read the rest

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Naruto and The Red Thread of Fate



I recently saw The Last: Naruto the Movie in theaters. Thought I’d share some quick thoughts.

Warning: minor spoilers ahead!


Still with me? Good!

One of my favorite things about Japanese animation and comics is that on top … Read the rest

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Protected: Corgi Run Animation Previews

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.
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Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Song

The latest trailer for Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain uses the song “Nuclear” by Mike Oldfield to GREAT effect!


Just wanted to post some quick thoughts on the music choice behind the rad new trailer for Metal Gear … Read the rest

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Happy 15th Birthday to Street Fighter III: Third Strike

May 12, 1999, 15 years ago to this day, the best game I’ve ever played was released into the world. That game is Street Fighter III: Third Strike, easily my favorite game of all time. I’ve spent countless hours on … Read the rest

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Hannibal is so Bishounen


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Happy Birthday Katsuya Terada!

Today, December 7, is the Rakugaking’s birthday. To celebrate, here is a small sampling of some of his pieces from his Hot Pot Girl’s exhibit (best show ever). Some of these original pieces are still available to purchase from Giant … Read the rest

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Dragon’s Crown x Golden Axe


Sega has bought Atlus. Now lets make this happen folks!

If you love the art of Dragon’s Crown, check out our in depth look at some of its influences:

From Mickey Mouse to Jesus, This Dragon’s Crown Trailer is Read the rest

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The 2020 Olympics Are About to Explode!

Congratulations to Tokyo for winning the bid to host the Olympics in 2020!

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From Mickey Mouse to Jesus, This Dragon’s Crown Trailer is Full of Epic Homages

Watching the latest Dragon’s Crown trailer I was delighted by the density of historical and pop cultural references they managed to sprinkle into every shot. Dragon’s Crown is the latest game from Vanillaware, best known for … Read the rest

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The World We Must Defend: War, Peace and Pokemon



by Andy Lee

So the trailer the next generation of Pokemon is out!

I still remember the joy of getting Pokemon Blue on my birthday… and then I realize that was nearly 16 years ago. Pokemon has persisted … Read the rest

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The Great Goblin Goiter

Just saw The Hobbit last night. Fun movie! There was one character design choice that I thought was really interesting.

Did you notice that thing dangling from the Goblin King’s neck? My friend called it a “neck scrotum”, but in … Read the rest

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Wolf Smoke Studio: The Dynamic Duo Behind Batman of Shanghai

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The following is an interview with Wolf Smoke Studio, one of the most exciting young animation studios in the world today.  Wolf Smoke Studio animated the highly acclaimed Batman of Shanghai shorts for Cartoon Network’s DC Nation block:

DC Nation: Read the rest

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