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The Women That Make Japan’s Games Industry Great



In celebration of international women’s day, let’s look at some of the awesome women that defined the video games industry:

Kinu Nishimura: Artist behind many of Capcom’s flagship titles

If you recognize these characters you’ve played a game Read the rest

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Naruto and The Red Thread of Fate



I recently saw The Last: Naruto the Movie in theaters. Thought I’d share some quick thoughts.

Warning: minor spoilers ahead!


Still with me? Good!

One of my favorite things about Japanese animation and comics is that on top … Read the rest

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Kill la Kill: The Sin of Clothing


“What is clothing?”


“Indeed… clothing is sin. When man ate the forbidden fruit of the tree of knowledge he became ashamed of his nakedness and covered his nethers. From the time humanity

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Kill la Kill: The Fashion of Fascism





That was reaction to the first minute of watching Kill la Kill, the first fight of Kill la Kill, and the marathoning of every episode up to the latest (which you can watch online for free and … Read the rest

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Wolf Smoke Studio: The Dynamic Duo Behind Batman of Shanghai

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The following is an interview with Wolf Smoke Studio, one of the most exciting young animation studios in the world today.  Wolf Smoke Studio animated the highly acclaimed Batman of Shanghai shorts for Cartoon Network’s DC Nation block:

DC Nation: Read the rest

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Darkstalkers and the Twelve Principles of Animation

darkstalkers capcom characters intro
I originally posted this a few years ago on the Madman’s Cafe, one of the best online communities for thoughtful discussion of video games since the 90s.  The post got alot of positive responses, so I’ve finally backed it
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