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Food Illustrations for Chefville
Note: Some components (some plates and garnishing) were repurposed from previously existing art by Mellisa King and CJ Gusman.

Creature Design
A creature I made up based off of an early Chinese zoomorphic mask motif called the “Taotie.” My goal was to design it from the inside out to make it as convincing as possible.
(click on image to load full size)

Some album covers I did for a really rad band called Paperdoll.  You should check them out, they’re amazing!

Misc Concept Art

(click on image to load full size)

Game Art from Bar World and Casino City, by DNA Games (100% Vector Art)
(click on image to load full size)

Misc 3d Art from Anthem Game Group

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2 Responses to Illustration Portfolio

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  2. Forjador says:

    Hey Richmond,

    I just found your site by chance after reading your comment on Kotaku – where you’re rightly defending George Kamitani’s artwork for Dragon’s Crown.

    Just wow, I love your blog and your illustrations are great (love the flying juji gatame on the Redgate Warrior’s concept art).

    Keep it up!

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