Drunk Fairies? It’s Dragon’s Crown Akihabara Gallery!

On July 20th to the 21st a Dragon’s Crown art exhibit was held in Akihabara, and our pal in Japan known by the codename ‘The Professor’ (of the legendaryMadman’s Cafe) was there to catch it! Here are his photos from the event:

Scenes of Adventure and Danger from the world of Dragon’s Crown
The Fairy gets deep in the cups… but who is dog?
Sorceress and Wizard outfits, for sale?
If you could have only one, which would you choose? [The answer is “all of them”]

And special prints of the Dragon's Crown cast!

Editor's Note (April 18, 2020):
This article was originally published on Julyy 22, 2013. We now know the character portraits above were by Yukiko Hirai (平井 有紀子) who would go on to be the lead character designer on 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim (yes, not George Kamitani, but Yukiko Hirai!). This post would have been the first time these portraits were posted to any English language website. We were very proud of getting the scoop on these. Thanks Professor!