Happy New Year 2017! - George Kamitani Presents The Amano-Iwato

The following is an expanded transcription of a Twitter thread from 2017. You can see the original Twitter thread here: Alright! Who's up for a history lesson! Tonight …

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From Mickey Mouse to Jesus, This Dragon’s Crown Trailer is Full of Epic Homages

Watching the latest Dragon’s Crown trailer I was delighted by the density of historical and pop cultural references they managed to sprinkle into every shot. Dragon’s Crown is the latest game from Vanillaware, best …

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Announcing "Dragon's Crown"!

Vanillaware just announced their latest game, Dragon’s Crown, a beautiful, beautiful, bee-yoo-tee-ful hand painted, 2d, high fantasy action RPG. This game is a love letter delivered by cruise missile with its sites set …

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